On July 19, 2014. we celebrated the 60th anniversary of hunting association "Hubert" in Siedlce.
They were very important and unique for us celebrations. On that day it has been transferred to our association a banner hunting. The delegation has been made by Member of the Supreme Council of Hunting and the President of the Regional Council of Hunting in Siedlce mr. Stepniak Adam, and the act of its granting read President of ZO PZŁ in Siedlce and the Huntsman District mr. Wroblewski Adam. In this historic day against the flagship were Colleagues Maciej Jastrzębski, Dawid Sudoł and the ensign Jakub Nowak, which the President of the "Hubert" Marek Jezierski pass a hunting banner over the guards and care. Short Film to watch here (in Polish). During Mass. Field was taking the banner, and immediately after the renewal of vows hunting by all members present association. Another reason why we met that day was to give the HUBzlomERT Association in Siedlce by Chapter of Distinction Hunting Hunting Association - "Zlom" the highest decoration in the Polish Hunting Association. In the course of the ceremony we also get honored the granting by the District Board in Biala Podlaska MEDAL - "Distinguished for hunting Biala Podlaska". Medal award made Member of the Supreme Council of Hunting and Vice-President of the Regional Council in Biala Podlaska mr. Wojtowicz Witold accompanied by the President of the Regional Council of Hunting in Biala Podlaska - mr. Andrzej Daniluk and Chairman of ZO PZŁ in Biala Podlaska and Hunter's District mr. Romana Laszuk. Also, some of our colleagues were by the Chapter of Distinction Hunting Hunting Association awarded medals hunting:
Gold medal of merit hunting Edward Wojda;
Silver medal of merit hunting Marek Jezierski;
Silver medal of merit hunting Jacek Szałucha ;
Bronze medal of merit hunting Wojciech Kinowski.
Video of the handover medals can be seen here (in Polish).
A speech was delivered by the President of the Association. The voice also took invited guests passing the association of wishes and beautifully prepared and congratulatory letters. Ceremony was graced by District Councils banners Hunting in Biala Podlaska and Siedlce. The musical setting provided the team signalers hunting "Pasja" under the direction of Mr. Janusz Gocaliński. For many invi
statuetkited guests Circle Board has prepared small gifts in the form of statues and albums, and some of them received a special thanks for their efforts in working for the HUBERT in its different form and scope. Among those honored were also the founders of the standard, who decided to support the idea of ​​founding a banner and with its own funds for this purpose have paid certain amounts of money.
Celebrations were held in our hunting house "Sułów" and all invited guests to the feast went hunting in the object "Ranch" in the Stara Kornica.

                                                                                                                               President Marek Jezierski

Some fotos and videos from this celebrations and feast hunting in our photo and video galleries.